Weekdays(Mon-Fri): 10:00am-9:00pm(Last entry 8:00pm) Open until 10pm on Golden week holidays/Summer holiday season/ New year’s holidays
Weekends (Sat, Sun) & Holidays:10:00am-10:00pm(Last entry 8:00pm)
8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi 0555-85-3126

How to Use

Come empty handed & enjoy Yurai Onsen (Hot Spring)

We offer a variety of amenities,
such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Towel.





Body Wash

Body Wash

Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

Facial Cleansing

Facial Cleansing Foam

Skin Care goods

Skin Care Products

Hair Brush

Hair Brush



Bath Scale

Bath Scale



Face Towel

Face Towel

Bath Towel

Bath Towel

How to use Yurari Onsen

1.Put your shoes into the shoe locker

Use the shoe locker room on left side of entrance
We’ll keep your shoe locker key when you check in at the reception desk

2.Purchase the admission ticket from the ticket vending machine

Customers who have a discount ticket, please show or hand in the discount ticket at the reception desk.
You need to pay extra if you use a private bath or restaurant, massage etc. when you check out.
Customers who use "Couple package" should come to the reception desk directly.(Don't purchase the admission by a ticket vending machine) Charge

3.Hand the admission ticket & pass your shoe locker key

Pay an admission fee and pass your shoe locker key and receive a bath towel and face towel, wristband with locker key

The wristband barcode lets you make purchases at restaurant and massage etc. for later payment at the reception desk when you check out

4.Go to the reservation desk if you want have massage or body scrub or use private bath.

5.Take off all your belongings and put them into the locker

Use the locker with the same number as your wristband
It is prohibited to bring phones and cameras into the bathing area

6.Enjoy a variety of baths.

Bathing manners

7.Savor the seasonable dishes

※We have the 2 types of restaurants, one is the restaurant “Fujizakura” where you can enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes and the other one is the private dining “Okariba” where the mini SL train carries your meal.
※You need to make a reservation beforehand at restaurant “Fujizakura” if you use the restaurant “Okariba”
※ Show your wristband to the staff when you order


8.Relax at the free of charge break room after bathing

※We also have a private break room that you can see a great view of Mt.Fuji Prescribed time for using private room is 60 minutes
Using private room costs 1800yen (Extra charge)

9.Relieve the weariness of travel with the body massage or body scrub massage

10.Enjoy shopping at shop

11.Pay your money at the reception desk

Pay your money at the reception desk when you check out, if you use a private bath or massages or restaurant etc.

How to use a private bath

1. Apply for using a private bath at the reservation desk.

2. Choose your favorite bath & show your wristband barcode to the staff.

3. Return your private bath key to the reservation desk after you get out of the bath

Private bath Using private bath costs 2,500yen (Extra charge)
Prescribed time for using private baths is 50 minutes
Please understand tattooed persons are not allowed to use even private baths.

How to use the private dining “Okariba”

1. Make a reservation in advance at restaurant “Fujizakura”

2. Show your wristband to the staff to order the foods

Okariba Menu

3. After choosing your dish, we’ll show you to your table

4. Mini SL train carries your dishes outside the windows. Take your dishes after the Mini SL train stops.

5. Enjoy Japanese traditional cuisine.

6. Pay at a reception desk when you check out

※You can use the restaurant only if you want

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