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8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi 0555-85-3126
Weekdays(Mon-Fri): 10:00am-9:00pm(Last entry 8:00pm) Open until 10pm on Golden week holidays/Summer holiday season/ New year’s holidays
Weekends (Sat, Sun) & Holidays:10:00am-10:00pm(Last entry 8:00pm)
8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi 0555-85-3126


There are 16 types of baths, including 2 types of outdoor baths with a great view of Mt. Fuji.Please enjoy our natural hot springs gushes up from under 1000m at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
※Our baths are all gender separated except for public baths.

  • 霊峰露天風呂 スライド1枚目
  • 霊峰露天風呂 スライド2枚目
  • 霊峰露天風呂 スライド3枚目
  • 霊峰露天風呂 スライド4枚目

Sacred peak open-air bath

Savor a bath with a view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji and enjoy watching the mountain that shows a different appearance each season. It is lit up at night, creating a mystical world.

Water temperature:42℃

  • パノラマ風呂 スライド1枚目
  • パノラマ風呂 スライド2枚目
  • パノラマ風呂 スライド3枚目
  • パノラマ風呂 スライド4枚目

Panorama bath

In this open-air bath with a dynamic panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, enjoy the spectacular scenery with a full sense of openness that blends with the season.

Water temperature:42℃

  • 高見風呂 スライド1枚目
  • 高見風呂 スライド2枚目
  • 高見風呂 スライド3枚目
  • 高見風呂 スライド4枚目

High view bath

This indoor spa lets you enjoy a leisurely bath inside. The view of Mt. Fuji from the bath is a little different from the view from other baths.

Water temperature:42℃

香り風呂 スライド1枚目
香り風呂 スライド2枚目

Aromatherapy bath

Six fragrances* that condense the effects of aromatherapy relax your body and mind. Different fragrances are used each week. *Six fragrances (eucalyptus, chamomile, orange, lavender, Japanese cypress, peppermint)

Water temperature:38℃

洞窟風呂 スライド1枚目
洞窟風呂 スライド2枚目

Cave bath

This dome-shaped low temperature bath has micro-bubbles and lava-faced walls that create a sensation of being in a cave in Mt. Fuji. Leisurely relax in the space given a mystical air with special lighting.

Water temperature:38℃

蒸し風呂 スライド1枚目
蒸し風呂 スライド3枚目

Steam bath

Linger in this low temperature sauna to sweat heavily and expel the wastes that have accumulated in your body together with your sweat to help relieve your stress. The space that has romantic colored lighting can also offer great healing effects.

Water temperature:40~50℃

炭酸泉 スライド1枚目
炭酸泉 スライド2枚目

Carbonated spring

Artificially carbonated spring water that is said to have detox effects is used these days in not only treatment for illnesses, but also warm bathing facilities for recovery from fatigue after sports and for health and beauty purposes. Experience new effects that warm your body to the core in a different sensation from the regular hot springs.

Water temperature:35~38℃

サウナ スライド1枚目
サウナ スライド2枚目


Hot steam promotes metabolism and energizes your body. For recovery from physical and mental fatigue, use it along with other baths.

Water temperature:90~100℃

霊峰湧水風呂 スライド1枚目
霊峰湧水風呂 スライド2枚目

Sacred peak spring water bath

This bath contains the best mineral water in Japan and promotes regulation of intestinal function, blood purification, detoxification, and nutrition that are the basis for self-healing power to give you more energy.

Water temperature:16℃

Private baths

▪We do not accept advance booking. We can only accept your application on the day at the reception desk (No advance reservation)
▪Tattooed persons are not allowed to use even private baths.


Cauldron bath

The effects of the Dando stone that forms the cauldron promote self-healing of the heart pathways.

Water temperature:41℃


Crystal bath

The frequency (waves) emitted by crystal are said to synchronize with your lung pathways, stimulating pulmonary function.

Water temperature:41℃


Happiness stone bath

Turquoise is said to transmit waves to your liver pathways, stimulating blood purification.

Water temperature:41℃


Charcoal bath

The bathtub is made of high-grade Bincho charcoal, and the detoxifying effects of the charcoal help eject waste from your body.
It is said to boost self-healing performance.

Water temperature:41℃


Japanese cypress bath

Domestic specialty Japanese cypress that has a distinctive fragrance offers outstanding relaxation effects as one of the top soothing materials.

Water temperature:41℃


Nikko maple bath

Extract from this precious tree that is also used in eye drops can soothe eyestrain.

Water temperature:41℃

We have 6 types of private baths, please choose your favorite one!
※If the private baths are crowded, we may arrange your private bath time and designated bath type.
※please note that the prescribed time is 60 minutes.
※You can see great view of Mt. Fuji from the private bath on a sunny day.
※The all private baths are same price.(60minutes 2,500JPY/per room)
※Maximum capacity of the private bath is 2-3 persons
※You can use the private baths with your family or partner.

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