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8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi 0555-85-3126


Fuji Chobo-no-yu Yurari


8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi

By train

From Shinjuku Station

  • Take the Chuo Main Line outbound line from JR Shinjuku Station. (Takes about 60 min.)
  • Get off at JR Otsuki Station, then switch to the Fujikyuko Line and get off at Kawaguchiko Station. (Takes about 60 min.)
  • Take the bus from the Kawaguchiko Station bound for Lake Motosu (20 min.). Get off at Fuji-Midori-no-Kyukamura-Mae bus stop. (Takes about 20 min.)

By bus

From Shinjuku (Busta Shinjuku)

  • Take the highway bus from Busta Shinjuku bound for Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi). (Takes about 1 hour and 45 min.)
  • Get off at Kawaguchiko Station and take the bus from the station bound for Lake Motosu (20 min.). Get off at Fuji-Midori-no-Kyukamura-Mae bus stop. (Takes about 20 min.)

By fixed-route bus

From Kawaguchiko Station

  • Take the Narusawa/Shojiko (Lake Shoji)/Motosuko (Lake Motosu) Sightseeing Bus (blue line) and get off at Fuji-Midori-no-Kyukamura-Mae bus stop. Takes about 20 min.

Information about free shuttle buses

About use

To take the free shuttle bus, call to book a seat up to an hour before departure.

Yurari TEL 0555-85-3126

  • To use the bus that departs Yurari bound for Kawaguchiko Station, request a seat at the Yurari reception counter.
  • Only the following four buses pass through Yurari.
  • Outside those hours, please take a fixed-route bus or taxi.
  • If using our courtesy vehicle, look for the shuttle bus headed for Fuji Chobo-no-yu Yurari (Yurari Hot Spring) or Fuji Midori-no Kyukamura.
  • Depending on the number of passengers, the vehicle will be either a 10-seater station wagon or a microbus.
  • Bookings close an hour before departure for each departure time.
  • Please note that a booking is required to ride.
  • Please also note that passengers who are late to the departure location will not be able to ride.
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