"Fujichobo-no-yu Spa Yurari" Guide to use


1. Your shoes.

Please take off your shoes and keep them in a shoebox.


2. Admission Tickets

Please purchase admission tickets at the vending machine

※If you have discount tickets, please pay your admission at the front desk. Please give us your shoebox key, we will return it when you leave.

Admission fee

Adults (Older than 12 years old, Includes bath towel and hand towel)

Weekdays: 1,300yen (From 19:00: 1,100yen)

Sat, Sun & PH: 1,500yen (From 19:00: 1,300yen)


Children (4~11 years old, Includes hand towel)

Weekdays: 650yen

Sat, Sun & PH: 700yen 


3. At the front desk

(1) Please give your admission or discount tickets to a receptionist.

(2) Please receive your locker key, bath towel and hand towel.


※You need your locker key for payments such as using a private bath room, the restaurant, and using vending machines. Please pay all accounts at the front desk when you leave.

※The locker key is account settlement key. Please be careful not to lose it. In case you lose it, you have to pay 3,000yen.


4. Extra charge service

◇ Private bath(1,700yen/50mins), Private room(1,800yen/1hour)

◇ Massage(2,200yen/20mins~), Body scrub(3,000yen~)

◇ Private restaurant ‘Okariba’(Price depends on your order)

Your meals are served by steam locomotive.


5. When you leave

Please return your locker key to a receptionist. If you buy or eat something, or use extra services, please pay at this time. We will then return your shoebox key.


6. Attention

・Please make sure your locker is locked. We have no responsibility for any trouble such as theft.

・Please take a shower before you take a bath.

・Please refrain from putting your towel in the bathtub.

・If you do not know about Japanese public-bath rules, please ask a receptionist to help ease your concerns. We have instructions in English.